Said Eucharist

The 07h30 Said Mass on Sundays is meant to be characterized by solemnity and reverence. It is a quiet service with an emphasis on traditional Anglican liturgical worship. This service is attended by about 40 people while the worship at 09h30 has an average attendance of about 450 (including children).

Sung Eucharist

This service (09h30) is synonymous with joy, praise, celebration and love. The atmosphere is light yet reverent, the music is traditional with an added mixture of choruses, hymns, and the parts of the liturgy which are sung in the vernacular. This service is the main Cathedral Eucharist, and is blessed with beautiful singing, in which a wonderful collaboration between a stately organ and spirited, harmonious African voices beautifully combine to produce a truly unique and wonderful sound.

The 09h30 service follows the New Common Lectionary for its themes. Occasionally the theme would deviate from the Lectionary to focus on a national or international e.g. World AIDS Day, World Environment Day, National Heritage Day, Stewardship month, etc.


In addition to the services on Sunday, Morning Prayer and the Mass is said on four weekdays. There are no evening services, except on special occasions like Ash Wednesday, Corpus Christi, etc.