Purpose of the Ministry:
The Sunday School (SS) Children's Ministry is an important part of St Albans Cathedral. It aims to simplify The Gospel and teach the young members of the Cathedral about God in a simple and practical way. Every Sunday, structured lessons are taught to the different age groups in an interactive way, ensuring that teachers also listen to the children’s' interpretation of the Bible.

Lessons are based on the three year Diocesan calendar and follow the Gospel for the corresponding Sundays. The St Albans Children's Ministry caters for children aged between 4 years and 12 years, which correspond with school going age. To cater for children less than 4 years, there is a crèche/ playroom with supervision where speakers are installed in order to ensure that everybody benefits from the sermon for the day.

Activities performed by Children's Ministry:
The Children’s Ministry also partakes in numerous activities such as Charity Drives, Diocesan Children's Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Mother's/Father's Day, Teacher's Quarterly Meetings, Parents Meetings etc

Expected roles and responsibilities of members:
Children are expected to be disciplined and obedient. They are expected to share their experiences and understanding in a constructive and respective manner.

Expected time commitments from members:
Sunday School takes place every Sunday during the 9:30 service. Before Sunday School convene, all teachers and children join in on the church service, participate in the Gloria, Confession and the reading of the Gospel. Sunday School lessons commence immediately after that in the hall. All of the teachers and children are addressed by the Sunday School coordinator or one of the teachers who introduces the day's lesson, recaps on the previous lesson, celebrate any birthdays and do some singing before children are split into their small classes with their different teachers.

Restrictions on membership:
SS members should be between the ages of 4 and 12 following which they prepare for confirmation and are ready to join the congregation. The children should be of an age where they can sit and listen to the lesson for the day.

How to join:
Membership forms can be obtained from the Wardens or Sides persons in church.