Anglican Diocese of Pretoria
St. Alban’s Cathedral Youth Guild
St. Alban’s Cathedral Anglican Church, 237 Francis Baard street
Pretoria 0001, South Africa
Providing Meaningful Ministry for Students in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa
‘’Persevering in Christ’’ inspired by Galatians 6:9



The St. Alban’s Cathedral Youth Guild seeks to serve the needs of young people and communities, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ and to develop mature Christian students for leadership in church and society. This we do by providing an Anglican “Home away from Home” at church, Bible studies, worship, workshops and conferences. We commit ourselves to building peace, democracy and justice in Southern Africa.



Our events are centred on three spheres which form integral parts of a Christian’s growth and development:


  1. Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Conduct revivals
  • Offer Bible studies
  • Prayer and fasting
  • Teach the importance of tithing
  • Motivate youth to explore the possibility of a vocation in the church such as lay ministry, the priesthood, or what it means to be a bishop.
  • Inform young people about Anglicanism and what it means to be part of the Anglican Communion
  • Have spiritual journeys with God


II.Leadership & Unity

  • Offer leadership workshops
  • Keep more detailed records both for future reference and to ease further communication
  • Provide more social activities and opportunities for networking among young people
  • Run more interactive workshops covering a variety of topics
  • Personal relationships/issues
  • Cultural and political differences
  • Sexuality and gender-based discrimination


III.Social Development

  • Engage in community outreach, fostering young peoples’ sense of responsibility for the needs of the community
  • Run awareness workshops
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Environmental awareness
  • Coordinate social activities such as picnics and bring & shares
  • Initiate, monitor and evaluate long-term projects
  • Peer education programs



Chairperson                                                                  Kgothatso Makwane
Secretary General                                                         Vacant
Treasurer General                                                         Jongi Babana
Media & Projects Officer                                               Vacant
Gender, Education & Transformations Officer                 Vacant
Worship Officer                                                            Keamohetsoe Mafatle